“Where did you get that piece?”

Has anyone ever asked you this? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then chances are you wore a stunning statement piece that day.

We all know that throwing on a statement piece can upscale your outfit and even renovate an overused outfit.

But how do we use these ‘spotlight magnets’ correctly?

Here’s the 101 on how to properly use a statement piece to take a good outfit into an eye-catching one.

What Are Statement Pieces?

Statement pieces are fashion items that command attention.

They can range from vibrant scarves to ornate necklaces, bold handbags, or eye catching shoes.

They have the power to ‘revive’ an overused outfit and make you look like you walked straight off the fashion runway!

Rule #1: Less is More

Yes! The first rule of wearing statement pieces is not to overdo it.

You want the piece to shine, not compete for the limelight!

So if you’ve got that dazzling necklace on, maybe skip on the chunky earrings.

Give your statement piece room to breathe, and it will do its magic.

The truth is , wearing multiple statement pieces can often clash and create a chaotic look.

So choose one standout piece and let it speak for itself.

You also want to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral, so that the statement piece stands out even more.

Ever heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth?” It’s the same with fashion.

Wearing multiple statement pieces at once can lead to a cluttered look, and we want all eyes on that bold piece, don’t we?

Hence, the golden rule is to stick to one piece at a time.

Rule #2: Balance It Out

Like everything in life, balance is key to making a statement piece work.

If you’re wearing a bold statement necklace, keeping the rest of your outfit simple will make sure it stands out.

Pair a vibrant handbag with a monochrome outfit, and voilá.

If you’re opting for statement shoes, keep the rest of your look minimal.

Too many competing pieces will only make your outfit look busy and uncoordinated.

Here are a few balance tips:

  • If your piece is big and bold, keep the rest of your accessories minimal.
  • If your statement piece is colorful, keep the rest of the outfit neutral.
  • If your outfit has multiple patterns, opt for a simpler statement piece to avoid clashing.

Finding the right balance is crucial.

Pair your statement piece with simple, understated clothing to make it stand out. The last thing you want is your dress competing with your statement necklace for attention!

Remember simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Very bright, patterned garments might make your overall look noisy rather than stylish.

Neutral colours balance the brightness, making that statement piece shine!


Rule #3: Match Your Statement Piece to Your Outfit

This does not mean you need to match colors!

It means that the vibe of your statement piece should complement your outfit.

Anything from the era, style, or even the mood – it should all sync together.

So consider the event and your outfit, and then select a statement piece that perfectly complements them.

Do you remember all those times you stood in front of your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear?”

Well, a statement piece can change all that.

A statement piece can take a simple outfit to the next level and make you look effortlessly chic.

Rule 4: No Holding Back, Be Bold!

The key is to go beyond your comfort zone. The bolder, the better!

Your statement piece should be audacious, vibrant, or avant-garde.

Start small with a chunky bracelet or a fashionable belt.

You’ll be surprised at how much they revamp your look!

Rule #4: Confidence is the Best Statement

At the risk of sounding a tad cliché – own your style!

Confidence can make any piece a statement piece.

If you love what you’re wearing and feel comfortable in it, it will show!

So flaunt that statement piece with pride!

Wear that piece with all the confidence in the world!

Nothing makes a statement piece work better than the person wearing it.

So once you have your statement piece on, rock it with confidence.

And remember, rules can be broken!

If breaking one of these rules feels right for you and your personal style, then go for it. Ultimately, fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun with different looks.

Rule 5: Fitting Statements are Happy Statements

It’s important to make sure your statement piece complements your outfit.

Not just in terms of colors, but also the style and occasion

. For example, a sequin clutch might be a distraction at a business meeting; whereas, in a party, it could be the star of your ensemble!

In Conclusion: Making Statements and Turning Heads!

Smiling ethnic woman with golden chain looking at camera

Statement pieces really are the secret ingredient to fashion success.

They allow us to express ourselves, to make a statement without saying a word.

Plus, these pieces are a lifesaver when we go through that inevitable “closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear” phase (we’ve all been there! ).

Isn’t it exciting? Feeling inspired to bring out those hibernating statement pieces? Or perhaps, to shop more? 😉

Share your favorite statement piece, and how you styled it!

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